Ian Valor & The Vendettas are a rock band based in the Twin Cities.  The band consists of Ian Valor (guitar/vocals), Jeremy “Mel” Melzer (bass) and Sara Horishnyk (drums).  They deliver their own style of kicked up, old school rock’n’roll with heavy dustings of rockabilly, punk and blues.

Starting out as a Misfits cover band called “The Misprints”, the group would meet after work in the back room of a Minneapolis office building to play.  In 2017, they formed Ian Valor & The Vendettas and started to play shows around the Twin Cities, cutting their teeth on a month long residency at 331 Club.  Since the recording of their debut, All Riot All Right, the group has played extensively, supporting artists like The Bad Man, The Sex Rays and Daddy Long Legs at 7th Street Entry.

Upcoming Full Length Album:‘All Right All Riot’

Release Date: October 20, 2019

The band’s debut full length album, All Right All Riot, is a strident departure from Ian’s self-recorded EP Now Will Be Here Soon.  Recorded and engineered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording, the band managed to knock out the 11 song set in 3 days despite Sara blowing out an eardrum and the studio flooding.

Reflecting the upheavals of the recording process, the album itself focuses on themes of tumultuousness and the need to retain balance.  The sanctity of religion, the aftermath of death, the elusiveness of love - always a mile away from lost, this album is a reminder that it’s never as bad as all that if we just listen to the music.